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As a reward, all people who make characters within the next week or have made them already get 200 extra money in …

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 Character Powers

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PostSubject: Character Powers   Sat May 14, 2011 5:30 am

These are the powers your character can have. Please put one of these in your signature if you have already made your character.

- You cannot have the skill(s) you did not choose.
- You may only have one skill.
- This skill cannot be changed.
- The cooldowns are in RP terms.

Range: 0-5 metres
Duration: 3 seconds per object
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Maximum size/weight object that can be moved: Large Sofa/250 KG
How to use: Outstretch hand to the object you want to move. Focus your mind on the object and imagine how you want it to be levitated or rotated. The object can be simply picked up and thrown at an enemy for extra damage.

Paper Manipulation
Range: 0-8 metres
Duration: Each piece of paper can last up to 10 seconds in the air before it returns to normal
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Maximum size object that can be made: A bedside table
Damage that can be done: Papercut sized scratches for regular paper, special paper is equivalent to very thin (and sharp) blades that can slice through skin easily.
How to use: This allows the user to freely manipulate paper with their mind, an easy way to make a paper airplanes without getting caught. In terms of battle, the user will carry around a special type of paper that is sensitive to their energy - and pouring energy inside the user can make the paper sharp and hard enough to be equivalent to a blade for battle. This energy charge lasts for a single post before the paper runs out and returns to inactive special paper. Once the special paper is inactive, it can be torn and ripped.

Range: 0-6 metres
Cooldown: 30 minutes
How to use: The user focuses their mind on where they want to go, within 5 metres. They cannot teleport into walls, doors or animate objects. This is useful for getting out of locked rooms, but due to the pressure put on the mind and body, this can only be used every hour.

Super Speed
Speed: 50 MPH
Duration: 4 seconds
Cooldown: 30 minutes
How to use: The user can run at a speed of 40 miles per hour by focusing their mind on their legs. The stress this puts on the body means they have to rest for 30 minutes every 4 seconds of use of the speed.

Giant Leap
Distance: 4 metres
Cooldown: 5 seconds
How to use: The user bends their legs as much as they can before releasing their mind's thoughts into their feet. They can leap to a height or distance of 4 metres. The stress on the legs stops it being used more than once every 5 seconds.

How to use: The wielder becomes advanced with the use of environmental objects as weapons. Sticks can be picked up from the ground and used as Polearms for example. (This ability does not stretch to automatic weapons such as Guns though.)

Heals: Small cuts and gashes. Can remove bruises and sharp pains caused by things such as a knife/paper cut or splinters. Cannot heal anything fatal or deep wounds. Can stem bleeding from small wounds.
Time: Takes 4 seconds to heal a small cut, 8 seconds for a bruise.
Cooldown: If used on self, 5 seconds per cut. If not used on self, 3 seconds per cut.
How to use: The user focuses their mind on the area they want healed and they hover their hands just over the wound. The wound closes up or vanishes. The cooldown is due to the forced pressure of cell replication in the body.

Immortal to: Fatal wounds
Duration: 1 hour
Cooldown: 1 month
Effect: As soon as the user is struck by a fatal wound, they may channel all their mind and energy to the fatally afflicted area. The user becomes unable to move. This lasts for up to an hour, in which other people around the user must take the user to a medical facility quickly. If appropriate medical care is not found within an hour, the user will come out of his immortal status and die. It takes a month to recover from the devastating effects of using this power.
Drawbacks: Very vulnerable to small wounds for a month after use. Bruises cause immense pain for a month.

Super Strength
Strength power: Can knock down medium-heavy locked doors with ease or deal major damage with punches, etc
Duration: 5 seconds
Cooldown: 5 seconds
How to use: The user focuses their mind to their muscles. The pressure of this power on the muscles creates a 5 second cooldown limit.

Duration: 2 seconds
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Size: 3 pillows covering front, back or sizes of body
Cannot block: Anything over 200 KG in weight, Anything faster than the speed of sound and super strength
Can block: Most other things
How to use: Focus mind to the area that wants protecting.
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Character Powers
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