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 Hanabi Alessandra Takahisha

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PostSubject: Hanabi Alessandra Takahisha   Thu May 20, 2010 3:58 am


_╬_First Name: Hanabi
_╬_Middle Name: Alessandra
_╬_Last Name: Takahisha
_╬_Gender: Female
_╬_Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual
_╬_Student or Teacher?: Nari Student
_╬_Year: 1

_░_Looks: Long, ink-black hair that frames a pale face, unnaturally pale from an aversion to sunlight, and emphasises her big, trusting, bottle-green eyes.
_░_Personality: Hanabi is one of those people who are happy to be in a group of friends, but not at the head of it, she is happier following someone elses lead. Although when they first meet her, many see Hanabi's bright, bubbly hyperness as a natural part of her personality, they notice that she is reluctant to say anything about her past, changing the subject or giving cryptic replies. In reality, Hanabi's bright nature is just an act so that people assume she is a normal, happy student, and don't look deeper into her life because they assume that she's perfectly fine simply because she appears happy. By being bright and noticable, Hanabi is able to make people not notice her.

_¥_Family: The Takahisa Co. is one of the biggest and riches businesses in the world, and was rivaled only by the Newton Corporation, with whom there was a bitter jealousy at the others success. Susumu Takahisha was the heir to the Takahisha Co. and had been raised to be the best leader the family could offer. Alessandra Newton was the only daughter of the leaders of the Newton Corporation, and was her parents pride and joy. Both of them met completely by accident when they both coincidentally went to the same place for a vacation. It was a classic Romeo & Juliet love-at-first-sight occurence, and both of them were desperate to be together, despite the fact they knew their families would never allow it. After they parted, Alessandra realised that she had became pregnant. Terrified of what her family would do to her if they found out, Alessandra fled to the Takahisha Co., who opened her with open arms as a taunt to their rival company. Furious that their daughter had become pregnant with their rivals child, and then fled to their rivals for help, the Newton Corporation took up arms against their rivals, which ended in a bloody fight with many casulties on both sides, including Susumu Takahashi. The police became involved and many of the most influencial members of the Newton Corporation were arrested, making way for the younger members of the organisation to arrange a friendly coalition between the two business groups, ending the fierce rivalry. Alessandra Newton mourned for her lover for her entire pregnancy and, after bearing the child, lost the will to live and never saw her childs face. Her brother, who had been the leader in creating the coalition, named the baby girl, who he decided to hate venemously, Hanabi Alessandra Takahashi. "Hanabi" means "fireworks", and the child was named this is memory of the fact that there was no celebration for her birth. Alessandra was given as her middle name in the memory of the mother who didn't even want to live long enough to see her childs face, and Takahashi was given as her surname as a peace offering, to show that she belonged to the Takahashi Co. And so Hanabi Alessandra Takahashi was born into a world where she was hated for her very existance.
_¥_Background: Raised in a place of hate, Hanabi quickly learnt to hide her feelings. She had multiple aunts, uncles and cousins who delighted in teasing her about the hatred the family had for her, so she learnt that if she broke down and started crying they would be satisfied and tease her even more, but if she acted cheerful, as though the words had no impact, they would get bored and show their spite in ways that she didn't have to listen to, such as snide remarks behind her back or breaking something she spent ages making. As both families only accepted her existance because they had to, Hanabi was never allowed outside, lest someone from outside the family saw her and inquired about her. As such, for most of her life she had never seen or felt sunlight and and unnaturally pale skin as a result. Although they hated her and didn't want her to exist, her families also had a stigma that they attached to her. As the child of the heirs of both companies, Hanabi had to be perfect in everything she did, and she was constantly working to gain this impossible status of 'perfect'. Both families had long affiliations with martial arts and weaponary, and although Hanabi was quite good at both martial arts and swordfighting, because she couldn't defeat the professional master who was teaching her, she was considered a faliar at it. Hence, everyone was surprised when she turned out to be a prodigy at archery, which only made the family hate her more, as many of them had been hoping she wouldn't succeed. With skill at archery came a skill at shooting and it was soon apparent that Hanabi had better-than-average eyesight.

One of her families favourite tests of how 'perfect' she was was to put her in the drak, windowless familiy library (that none of the family ever used), give her a topic to spend the day learning about, and at the end of the week, test her on all of the topics she was expected to know about, and if she didn't know the answer to one of the questions, she would have no meals all weekend. Her family had a habit of deliberately asking her questions she couldn't possibly know the answers to deliberately.

There came a point when Hanabi was far closer to 'perfect' than most of the family would have liked to admit; her martial art and swordplaying skills were above average, even if they weren't as good as a professionals, her archery and shooting skills often beat professionals' abilities, and she had a great memory at retaining facts and information in short periods of time, thanks to her families 'tests'. She also had surprisingly good social skills. Like most people, her family were completely fooled by the happy mask she wore, and couldn't understand why she was so bright, bubbly and good at getting on with people. In reality, Hanabi's social skills were built from observing her family's interactions with others, and from what she'd read in books. Scared that Hanabi might actually realise her own abilities, her family decided to sent her away to a boarding school, where they reasoned she would struggle, as she'd never taken conventional lessons (although she probably knew most of the contents of an average curriculum anyway), and she had never played any sports or instruments, or interacted with any other kids her age (as all her cousins were either older or younger than her and their 'interaction' was them bullying Hanabi). Thus, Hanabi Alessandra Takahisha entered Nari Academy.

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PostSubject: Re: Hanabi Alessandra Takahisha   Thu May 20, 2010 5:52 am

Gotta put a picture before it gets approved
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PostSubject: Re: Hanabi Alessandra Takahisha   Thu May 20, 2010 6:11 am

That is what I am doing.

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PostSubject: Re: Hanabi Alessandra Takahisha   

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Hanabi Alessandra Takahisha
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